Your Compass Concierge questions answered:

Are there any services not covered by the program?

Our goal is for Concierge to help as many clients as possible. The program is intentionally flexible; we’ve developed Concierge to be used with most vendors for your convenience.

What costs are associated with Compass Concierge?

At closing, you will be required to pay the cost of the Concierge funds spent and nothing more. There is no added cost for participating or interest owed.

How can I find out if I qualify for the program?

Easy! Call your Compass agent today to find out how to apply. Not yet working with one? Please call Julie - (773) 807-8580 to get started.

Can I use a vendor I love with Compass Concierge?

As long as your vendor can complete a Hold Harmless Agreement, W9 and provide an invoice billed to Compass Concierge LLC, you can use them. Paperwork must be submitted through the Vendor Payment Request Form.

What happens if the listing does not sell during the term of the exclusive?

In the event that the listing does not sell during the term of the exclusive, or the Listing Agreement is terminated for any or no reason (including the property going off market), the Owner is responsible for paying Compass a Termination Fee equal to any actual costs

incurred by Compass for the specified work performed.

How does this program affect agent commissions?

The Compass Concierge program is a separate contract between an Owner and a non-brokerage Compass entity. Agent commission is not implicated by this contract.

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